“What is Personal Injury Law?” by Douglas Borthwick

Personal injury law seeks to compensate an individual for injury done to one’s mind, body, or emotions. Personal injury lawyers represent victims and seek to obtain compensatory or punitive damages on behalf of their clients.

In most cases, the victim files a lawsuit directly against a defendant, although in some cases a legal guardian or another person who was indirectly harmed can file a lawsuit. Personal injury cases can arise from a number of different circumstances, such as vehicle accidents, construction site accidents, or instances in which a defendant could be liable for an injury. Both compensatory and punitive damages are typically expressed in monetary terms, and may include present and future medical bills and loss of wages.

Personal injury law is governed by the statute of limitations, which sets an expiration date on how long any given case can remain open against a defendant.

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This site is designed for general information only. The information presented should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.


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