A Discussion on Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc.

For a period, California attorney Douglas Borthwick supplemented his position at Freeman & Borthwick by serving as General Counsel with Ultimate Sports Entertainment, Inc. During his tenure with the company, Douglas Borthwick assisted on a deal to develop Ultimate Sports Resort, a Las Vegas-based sports and entertainment complex, hotel, and casino featuring more than 5,000 rooms and 2 million square feet of casino space.

Founded by Matt Rose and incorporated in 2005, Ultimate Sports Entertainment has dedicated itself to building the Ultimate Sports Resort. Consisting of more than 17 million square feet of total area, the facility will cost more than $5 billion and attract individuals interested in typical and atypical Las Vegas entertainment by enabling them to engage in sports activities such as aerobics, roller sports, bodybuilding, and paintball while on the premises. To achieve its goals, Rose employs executives trained in the hospitality, retail, and media industries who can provide varied insights into creating an experience that will appeal to different types of Las Vegas visitors. Moreover, it has garnered affiliations with USA Cycling, Incorporated; the United States Bowling Congress; the United States Olympic Committee; and similar groups.

Since its creation, representatives from Ultimate Sports Entertainment have appeared on ESPN, CNN, and numerous other television channels. The group has also received coverage in periodicals that include The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today.


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