10 Signs of Child Neglect, by Douglas Borthwick

As someone who is concerned about the welfare of children, I am an ardent supporter of Orangewood Children’s Foundation, an Orange County, California-based organization that assists and shelters children who are victims of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. The possible signs of a neglected child can include:

1. Inordinately thin, or frequently asking for or even stealing food.
2. Consistently dirty or unkempt appearance and wearing soiled or tattered clothing.
3. Engaging in impulsive or destructive behavior that gets them into frequent trouble.
4. Consistently poor health or rotting teeth.
5. Inability to trust others, particularly adults or authority figures.
6. Displaying a constant need for attention or affection.
7. Appearing withdrawn or depressed, or not taking part in social activities with other children.
8. Constantly tired or falling asleep at inappropriate times such as in the classroom.
9. Frequently absent from school or other activities.
10. Abusing drugs or alcohol.

About the author: Attorney Douglas Borthwick is the owner and president of Freeman & Borthwick, a Santa Ana, California-based law firm, as well as General Counsel and Corporate Counsel at LumpSumIn Relocation Incorporated.


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