A Brief Look at Several of Freeman & Borthwick’s Charities

At the California law firm Freeman & Borthwick, Douglas Borthwick represents clients in suits involving personal injury, family law, estate planning, and other areas. In addition to his work at the firm, Douglas Borthwick donates to several charities. The following describes three of them.

1. Free Wheelchair Mission: For over a decade, the Irving, California-based Free Wheelchair Mission has aided people around the world. Individuals in developing countries who require wheelchair assistance turn to this group and its sponsors for equipment. Since its inception, it has supported more than 633,000 individuals by forming partnerships with faith-based, government, and foundational organizations.

2. Homeless Advocacy Project: A legal aid entity, the Homeless Advocacy Project defends the civil rights for homeless persons throughout Philadelphia. More than 400 individuals possessing some legal training provide outreach to individuals in need through the organization. Throughout the year, the Homeless Advocacy Project runs more than 150 legal clinics at shelters and soup kitchens.

3. Parent Help U.S.A.: Created by Mothers and Others Against Child Abuse, Inc., Parent Help U.S.A. conducts parenting classes that enlighten families throughout Orange County, California, about proper child rearing techniques. Focused on teaching discipline methods that do not feature hitting, this entity runs classes exclusively for parents that educate them on ways to relieve stress. Another of its goals involves ending sexual abuse of children, and it started a Perpetrators Prevention Program to raise awareness of the problem.

To read more about the philanthropic endeavors of Freeman & Borthwick, visit www.freemanborthwick.com.


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